2016 Reflection

The Year of 2016 was amazing. Literally everything about it. As I reflect on the year, I realized everything fell into place when I had stop controlling how my life will be and let God do all the working. All I can remember is putting in my two weeks for my Graduate Assistantship, and two weeks later being in California. Taking the risk allows you to be a step closer to your dreams. That leap of faith was all I needed. God literally has my best interest. While being in California, I was also full-time, and received my first 4.0 ever!! That was a cool feeling.

There are 3 important dates that changed my year. The day I started my blog, is where my life really changed. I am filled with so many positive emotions. Really, because of my blog, I am evolving into the person I ultimately desire to become. The second date that changed my life is when I decided to be a part of the Community Health Workers Program. I’ve met so many amazing people and made many connections. Not only that, but it is taking me places sooner than I had imagined. The last date that changed my life was the day my business was certified. All I can remember this year January 1st, I wrote on twitter Self-Employed. I promise you I did not know what that mean.

Anything with God in it, only bound for abundant blessings. Always remember what’s for you, you will have it Guaranteed. Stay positive, continue to look forward. I’m so excited for 2017, I know God is going to do some wonderful things for me.

  • Jan – Moved to California
  • May – First 4.0 in Grad School
  • May – Started my blog
  • July – Was an extra and a stand-in for New Edition Movie
  • Oct – Returned to MD for Grad school
  • Oct – Enrolled into a Community Health Worker Program
  • Nov – Lost 12lbs
  • Dec – Started my business: D.I.V.I.N.E. LLC