Write down your thoughts. Buy a journal or get an app on your phone (whichever you desire). The power of writing is so powerful. I don't think you understand how powerful it is. More than often you keep majority of your thoughts to yourself. I do not care how much you may tell someone there is still small details that you do not include. The small details make all the difference. Writing out your thoughts is a way of freeing your thoughts. Some things you need to let go and not bring it into the next day.

Some do not need to hear all the emotional poison you have going on. People have their own problems to deal with. I always tell people you know what to do in your situation. You do not need any “man” made person to help you. You and God, hold all the keys to overcoming your situations.

Writing for me has changed my life. My journal is my best friend next to God. Seriously, if I do not discuss it with anyone it is written or God knows. Even though God sees everything I still discuss with him about my day.

Writing out your goals, thoughts, aspiration, and just your ideas are making a contract with God. You’re writing your life into existence. Call it a blueprint. Your journal= blueprint.

If you want to buy a journal I prefer going to Marshall's, the journals are about $5 or less, normally during the checkout line. You will not regret it. I have 2 journals one for my thoughts and the other ones is for my prayers and daily affirmations.