No regrets, moving forward..


Do not have any regrets. Simply move forward. What’s the point of wishing things could be, if it was meant, it would have happened! What’s meant to be or happen, will. If not, then, what can you possibly do about that. As much as we like to dwell on things that could have taken place, we need to spend our energy on this present moment.

God works in mysterious ways. You are in your situation for a reason and the same with your choices. When I look back, I’m glad everything happened the way it did. It was best for me!

Some things don’t need to be explained, some things just don’t work out. It’s okay. Be in love with your today. Smile that you made it past yesterday. If you not too happy with the decisions, you have made just accept the consequences and move forward making wise decisions.

God lead you to this route for a reason, build your faith and strength. Troubles don’t last always and perspective is everything.