Proud Moment

For those that know me, know that I take school very seriously and grind for my education. So soon enough it’ll be 2 months since I started this blog. To me, this is shocking because I did not imagine having a blog. The same way I grind for school, I am doing the same thing with my blog and to me that is amazing to do what I love. I thought I loved school, but writing is everything to me. It is my life. I wake up and go to sleep with it on my mind. It does not bother me the sacrifices that I have to make because this is what makes me happy. I found my passion and I cry tears of joy because this is GOLD.

Having my blog has allowed me to be more compassionate and to face my fears. In the beginning, I had so many battles of asking others to support me and so many other things, but now it’s natural. There are still some things that I face every day, but I always overcome. I am really so happy for me. To be able to do what you’re afraid to do and to follow your calling is such a blessing. I thank God every day for blessing me with knowing what I want to do in this life.

Thank you everyone who has read, shared, and/or talked about my blog. I really appreciate it!!! Peace, love, and light to you all.