Life is Unpredictable!

Literally life is so unpredictable, sometimes you just got to roll with it. Life will not always be up or down. It'll be both. One moment you're happy and the next not so much. 

I think that's what make life so interesting. You never know what's going to happen next. Things will happen out of nowhere. That's why you have to appreciate each aspect of life. It includes being mindful of how you feel and what's going on around you. I am really intrigued about what makes me react a certain way and how I attract great things and people into my life.

Even with so much going on, no matter where you are in life just try to stay grounded. Life is such an adventure. Each part of your day makes you into the person you are becoming.  Just take life like it is and run with it. You can't imagine how things will turn out to be. Just think a year ago and today? It's a big difference. Where you were then, you are not today. That’s why you shouldn’t stress because everything is temporary. Anything you need, you will have, you just have to be patient.

I am so amazed at life and blessed. Not everyone gets to experience joy or yet another breath. It really surprises me when you meet people at the right time and place. The next thing you know, both of you become good friends. 

Enjoy life for what it is, there’s always a lesson behind every struggle, and joy as you grow.