Speak Your Peace and Move Forward.

Learn how to let go and let God. In my blog, I think I have expressed many times about if you feel a certain way, speak up. Now of course we all have a different way of expressing ourselves, but when people are blind-sided and turns the day sour is just a mess. I personally do not like it when people wait for the next day to speak up. However, I understand it takes some people time. Understand to speak your peace and move forward. Don’t turn expressing yourself into someone who is nagging. It’s like even after the conversation is done, you are still mad. When you express yourself, you release emotions that you are feeling. It does not mean you are going to feel awesome automatically, but there is a mutual understanding. I understand why it may take some a while to let go. Some are either a product of their environment or they have built up emotions they are unaware about.  Loving life, I just feel there are so many things to be happy about.

I think when you are holding onto so much bitterness it is not the other person you’re mad at, but yourself. I also believe it is selfish when you damper the mood in a big environment. If you are going to soak in your mood and it’s sad or upset, I just advise you to stay in your own space.

Every second you spend mad, you could be happy. Everything is temporary, things and people change. Express yourself, but don’t dwell in misery. Ease up! Speak your peace and move forward.

Remember it’s always about you, but never about you.