We all have the potential...

We all have the potential to be the best versions of ourselves. Do we all do it, no. Some of us get caught up with the wrong crowd or circumstances and the potential goes to waste. You really have to train your mind to be strong and not fall victim to your life. You have the power if you believe it or not. It’s there just waiting for you. Anything you want to do or be in this life, if you put your mind to it, you can do it.

Maybe because I see greatness in myself, I am able to see the same in others. So when I look at others and see someone with so much potential, it makes me feel some type of way because they went a different route that lead them downhill. Still, God has a specific plan for everyone and you don’t know what lessons that person needs to learn.

YOU are capable of being the best version of yourself. No matter what circumstances or resources you have. You always can make a way and with God there will always be a way for you.

Apply yourself!!!! Pray for your purpose in life that you are always at the right place and time. Everyone is working towards their potential so do not be too hard on someone for trying. No one is perfect, we all are taking one step at a time.