Being Kind vs. Being Nice

Do you know the difference between being kind versus being nice?

Kindness is when you do something and do not expect anything in return. While, being nice is when you do something that you really don’t want to do. Resulting that someone should do something for you because you did something for them.

Are you always kind, nice, or both? Understand being kind doesn’t jeopardize the things you want. However, being nice puts your feelings on the backburner for another person.

Know your intentions on why you are doing things for someone. As soon as someone tell you “no”, your true feelings will appear.

Kindness is a way of honoring yourself and others. I prefer to be kind because it’s my true feelings. It’s genuine. I prefer to doing things and not EXPECT things from people. If people do return the favor than it is much appreciated. However, being nice can bring up many emotions of anger, frustration, and being irritable because you’re going out of your way to do something you don’t want to do. You hope and pray when you need that someone they will say yes. Hope you are understanding the difference.

As much as I prefer to be kind always, there must be a balance. You must be kind and nice. Being both will get you places you have never seen coming. Sometimes we are asked of things we do not want to do, but it doesn’t hurt to just help someone out. You never know when you may need help.

Make sure your intentions and actions are aligned! Be kind and nice to someone today.