When asked the question “what motivates you?”, normally people give you such a vague answer. I believe people are not used to being asked the question about our motivation. 

Many people motivations are from their experiences that were normally negative. They happen to turn their negatives into a positive. This is what keeps people going. Today, society teaches us to be financially stable and the importance of having money in order to make it in the world. They had failed to teach us to do what makes us happy. Most times people are only doing things because of their family passions and/or society.

Do what makes you happy and pay it forward so that the next person can do what makes them happy. I decided to do that when I graduated from my undergraduate degree. I took action and changed my concentration to Leadership and Organizational Change. The best decision I made! “Why would you want to spend your time doing work you do not enjoy”?

Find what motivates you to keep going. Once you find your niche run with it and do what you were called to do.