Dealing with stress...

Taking care ourselves, others, bills, relationships, and etc. can be very stressful. When dealing with stress you must treat it accordingly or it will become an illness.

Our body reacts to different types of stress. Sometimes we do not know when we are stressing or know why. For example, when I was in my undergraduate career, I would often overeat without knowing. I was able to recognize my thoughts and actions of stress. The things we stress about can all be avoided, if we just ask someone for help!

I believe many of us put ourselves in situations by putting so much on our plate. God never gives you more than you can handle. In these times, we must ask God to give us the strength we need to do the things we need to do.  Stress causes people to do many things like maybe overeat or not eat enough, sleep all day or not sleep, it definitely varies for many people.

Find ways to help cope with your stress. For me meditating and working out helps with my mood. More than often, the situation is not all that it appears to be. It is really essential to work out.

Most times we are stressed about so many things, that we seemed to pay less attention to some of our stressors as they build up. Work-life conflict is extremely a big cause of being stressed at work. Learn how to not stress about tomorrow plans, but focus on today. Ultimately, you need a balance or you will burn out. Ask for help and find a way to deal with stress.