Discovering your True Self

Discovering your true self can be tough, but the final reward is pleasant. This means living your truth by knowing and honoring yourself. Each day you are learning who you are and you will never stop learning. During any journey you go through, there will be tough times, but it is important to stay focused and stay true to your yourself. DO what makes you happy and not someone else. Sometimes people and influences are likely to take you off track just by association. That is why you choose your friends wisely. You do not want to get caught up.

I know what motivates me and I know what I dislike. It has been a journey for me. As I continue the journey I always find new things about myself every day that I like and may not. I do believe in order to help people you must know who you are and what you value. Really, we all here on this earth to help serve each other.

Look at getting to know yourself, like peeling off an onion. The peeling of the onion is so real to life because as you get to know yourself, you get to see who you truly are. When people do things that are out of the ordinary I always like to consider maybe something trigger them to act in a way. For example, someone being cheap, but they have money. Somewhere in their upbringing caused them to be frugal with their money due to some type of fear. Majority of us are a product of our environment. Nothing is wrong with that because we have been given the power to change. KNOW WHY YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO OR REACT TO CERTAIN SITUATIONS.

To get to know who you are, you must be attentive to what is going on, then understand why. You’ll definitely see the changes internally. Asking yourself questions can allow you to be self-aware. Asking what is my purpose? Why did I make that decision? Lastly, the most important thing is surrounding yourself around people who compliment you. Some people in our life are toxic and need to be removed, while others are a great asset. Discover who you are so that you can attract the things you want.

More than often while you are trying to reach your fullest potential, you likely able to help someone reach theirs.