In this life, whatever you want, you are going to have to hustle. Hustle hard for what you love. Put in the time and dedication to get the things that you want. The time you put in now, you won’t have to put in much later. Although, school is out for me, I wake up at 6 o’clock every morning and do what I was called to do. I envision myself showing greatness to the world.

Being lazy can be fun, but you have a bigger purpose than sitting on the couch and watching television. The easier route leads you nowhere, the difficult route leads you to endless opportunities. You have to put the work in for whatever you do. Nothing is ever handed to you. You have to work hard in order for you to be great. By great, I mean fulfilling God’s purpose, fulfilling your highest self.

If you feel like you do not know your purpose, ask God to lead you in the direction of it. That means you need to listen and be aware of the things that are happening. God always shows us signs we just have to pay attention. If you do know your purpose, great! Keep working towards your goal and stay positive.

As you are working hard, pray for clarity, perseverance, patience, and for those who don’t wish you well.

The grind never stops!! Keep working hard and hustle for your goals.