Being Open-minded

In order to grow internally, you must be open-minded. You cannot judge and close your mind to new things. Naturally, people judge things without even knowing. You never know what experience you can gain by being open-minded. It could possibly add things to what you like and you can be assured of the things you don’t like.

I know there are many people who are not open-minded about music. Before you are ready to play the song, they want to know who it is because if it is a person they don’t normally listen to, they will assume it is not going to be good. Another example, when it comes to food, if it is not a part of the food dishes they had, they will not want to try it because they don’t want to be disappointed.

The fear of something not being right and being uncomfortable keeps people from being open-minded. Stop visiting the same vacation spots, try somewhere new. There is beauty everywhere. Honestly, the same amount you spend to go to another state, you can use the same amount of money to go out the country. Explore life and see different parts of the world.

When it comes to people telling you about yourself, do not be defensive, but rather open to what they are saying. You never know what you can get out the conversation and ways to change your habits. A person can be able to bring light into your darkness. You never know, but you have to be open-minded.

I believe people are not open-minded based on learned habits from their homes or possibly friends. When people see others being closed-minded they think it is okay to do the same. It is not okay! This world offers a lot. To be open-minded is to not have any limitations on yourself. Because you haven’t tried something gives you every reason to be intrigued and want to learn more about it.

Take chances.

Let go.

You never know what treasure you may find.

Great things come from open minds.