Start praying on yourself...

Often times we pray for people, more than we pray for ourselves. Even then we don’t pray as much as we should. With so much going on in the world praying is very essential to life. Without prayer in your life, it will be chaotic. If you don’t feel like it is essential, then it’s really by the grace of God that you are where you at today.

Praying for ourselves and our wellbeing will help soon help others that surrounds us. We as people are supposed to lead by an example. When others see us praying and communicating with God they would want to do the same.

If you do not know how to pray just start by thanking God for all that you do have and to be the light within you. Pray on the present, of letting go the past, and the future. This is essential to ask him to bring peace within you and to help guide you through life. Whenever you feel low or you feel like you could use some extra help, pray to God. Things will turn around immediately.

Praying builds us up and make us strong individuals. It keeps us going and it allows us to believe in ourselves and our powerful God.

The ultimate question is do you believe? Believe in the power of God? His ability to do great things for you? Well if you have the smallest doubt, you should pray on your faith.

I pray all the time. Doesn’t matter where I am if I need to pray. I pray. Pray on your life and for you to receive blessings in abundance.