Your words are powerful!

Your thoughts have an effect on your words. The power of your words is something magical (also your mind). You are what you feel, think, and most importantly SAY about yourself. Speak highly of yourself. First off you are a CHILD OF GOD. That alone is powerful.

It’s all about your words. Be mindful of what you say about yourself. See anything that manifest itself, begins with a thought, a WORD, and then becomes flesh. Be careful of what you put out into the universe because you almost always get what you asked for!

When people give you compliments don’t try to downplay yourself by say no that’s not you. ACCEPT compliments. Say thank you. When you do not accept the compliment, it is almost like you don't agree with it.

Think highly of yourself. Each day you are improving and getting better. Be more aware. Continue to affirm over your life. Keep speaking positive things about yourself. Remember words are powerful.