Assume and you’ll make an ass out of you and me. If you do not know, ask. Simple, right? Assume and you will be hurting and having others confused about the rationalization you came up with.

Why do we assume what we don’t know? Is it a learned habit? Something that makes sense in our head? I don’t understand. Before you assume:

  • Ask the source
  • If you don’t understand, ask the source for clarification
  • Need any more information, ask the source

Assuming is a bad way of trying to communicate with someone. It is like you are creating a false idea and projecting it onto the person without them having a say. Simply ask the source! There is a different between a gut feeling, assuming, and being wrong. Know the difference. It definitely can be frustrating for the receiving end.

Being open and communicating will solve many of our problems. We do not want to create problems, if they are not there. If something does not apply to you move forward, but if the shoe fits approach the person.

Let’s not assume it makes things much simpler in life.