Don't be afraid to express how you feel!

Don't allow anyone to tell you how you should feel. Ever! Your emotions and feelings are yours. If you want to cry, then cry. It is not considered to be weak when you express yourself. We are taught if we express ourselves, then we are weak. No! Expressing yourself makes you strong. The person who doesn't express their self is just holding on to a lot. When you have the opportunity to express yourself, do so. Do not ignore how you feel for the sake of how someone will take it. When you start to sugarcoat things, it's equivalent to you approving their behavior.

If you feel a certain way, speak up. For me communicating has always been interesting. It is something that I work on daily. I try to make sure I am handling situations properly and that I am being heard.

Miscommunication causes a lot of confusion. Many people think that others know how to read minds, but they don’t. The best way to express your feeling is to talk to the person verbally. I don't advise people to text their feelings only because things can be misinterpreted easily.

Cry, laugh, be sad, happy, and all your other emotions, but feel them. Those are yours! Don't let anyone make you feel like you can't express your feelings. It makes you who you are...beautiful.