When people forget what you have done...

The feeling is horrible and you would hate to throw all the things you have done in someone face. When you do things it is out of kindness. However, people are quick to say you don’t do enough. I am not sure where this stamina of people doing that, but it is annoying to the person who does a lot. This is happening with close friends and family who knows you most.

All types of things run through your mind like: Should I start writing the things I do down? No one simply has time for that or the person who lacks appreciation. Clearly, what you have done for someone is not enough and they are greedy for more.

Moving forward. Let your light shine. Just because someone reacts and say you don’t do enough, know that God knows the truth and so do you. There are many people who do not pay attention to things that are being done for them. It can be very frustrating; however, God is working on them. It happens, but don’t take it too personally. We as people tend to forget our smallest blessings daily, but God still loves us. Although, it is a natural reaction to look at the person crazy, just simply give them a few reminders of what you have done, and still love them! Perhaps they feel they need more help and support.  Simply it shows they do not have the same capabilities as you. And that’s okay because we are all learning, growing, and evolving into the person we were here to be. As I always say here to be Great.