You are never too busy!

You are never too busy. Ever! You make time for what you want and if you don't, then you don't want it as bad. Seriously, today people make so many excuses like I'm busy working or I'm busy doing so and so. Okay, just be honest and say I do have time, but not for your needs at the current moment. Really life doesn't have to be so difficult. You really have more than enough time no matter how much you say you don't. Prioritize your time and its importance. Some things only take a second and it can definitely be a difference to the outcome.  

Never be too busy to spend time with your family.

Never be too busy to pick up the phone. 

Never be too busy for anything. 

Remember, there are a lot of things that are temporary. Make time for the things that are important. Too many times people say "oh, I forgot, I was too busy" you give your attention to what's important to you. 

Even if you are busy make sure you take time out for you. The time with yourself is important because if you're going at a fast paced God will slow you down. 

Prioritize your time and know that you or anyone else is never too busy for the things that are important.