You know the infamous saying “expectations lead to disappointment”. So true, yet we continue to do it knowing the end result will always leave us feeling a certain type of way.

Honestly, I think if you have no expectations, you’ll receive more. It is almost equivalent to not being in control of life and letting things be the way they are.

You really have to be open and accepting that things can go left. Some people come with so many intentions and expectations and when the present moment is happening it’s not what they expected. But of course, you already know these things. What to do when expectations come, you should try focusing on changing your thoughts into the now. Changing your thoughts will allow you to be optimistic and enjoy that moment. Just be aware of what you’re thinking.

Don’t put too much pressure on the moment. I don’t expect much, so when I ever I see someone retweeting or sharing my posts. It’s like I cry tears of joy. I don’t expect anyone to do anything, but the fact that each of you do is amazing and I am forever grateful.

Oh, and stop expecting people to do things for you. Just because you did something for someone does not mean they have to return the favor. Don’t expect anything from anyone!!! Nothing is really guaranteed.