The only security we should ever look for is God security, not through man. So vital and important! This should be a key reminder for each and every day, THE ONLY SECURITY WE NEED IS GOD SECURITY.

There are many people who lack faith and will continue to make decisions that are not good for them because they are scared to take a leap of faith. It’s people with jobs they dislike because the money is their security. In a world like this I can understand. No one wants to struggle. We all are trying to be comfortable, but what’s comfortable may or may not be best for us. Crazy, but that’s how life works. We have to do things that make us uncomfortable because that is where the blessings and many opportunities will present itself.

Money means a lot, but it is not everything. Don’t choose money over your soul or be 30 and unhappy. Continuously ask God to order your steps.

I will tell you this, when you are fulfilling your purpose and being patient with God, he will bless you in ways you can not even imagine. You will be so amazed and filled with joy because you are doing something you love and being rewarded with blessings. Do not get caught up with making decisions based on money and not what internally makes you happy. It can be good for now, but perhaps not in the future.

Build your relationship with God and put your trust in him! HE will not fail you!