Laugh a little!

Laugh a little! People take life way too seriously. It's like breathe, take a chill pill. Why are people so intense and hard? It's okay to smile or laugh. Nothing is going to happen if you smile. If anything someone day would be made or they were able to smile too. Somethings we laugh at may not be funny, but laugh anyway. The best therapeutic thing to do is laugh, especially when your situation can be a lot. Always know that you will always come out winning even when it doesn’t seem that way.

It bothers me when I am smiling and laughing and a person is mad because I am enjoying life. Some people may say I laugh a lot and I’ll just say I have a lot to laugh about. Life is good, I’m breathing and healthy, what more can I ask for? I can not stay in a negative mood; it is too much energy.

There are people who are so hurt and bitter that to them smiling is a crime. Let the hurt go, and keep moving forward. Laugh a little you will feel better and free. Spread more positivity. You never know what frown you can turn into a smile.