There must be a balance in everything you do. EVERYTHING. You cannot have too little or too much, but just enough. Being aware of the things we do, will allow us to know when we are going overboard and when there could possibly be a problem. SELF-CONTROL!!! It is something that many people lack and something more people should practice.

When it comes to food we like to eat, we have more especially when it’s good. All the over-eating will cause you to gain weight and acne. You have to portion control what you eat. Take care of your body and make sure you’re eating fresh and organic foods too.

It becomes a problem when you’re having sex with multiple partners at the same time. It’s too many diseases and crazy stuff going on. Have some self-control and protect yourself. Remember the more sexual encounters you have with others, the more energies you consume, allowing you to be indecisive, angry, unaware, and etc.

If you find yourself drinking alcohol every day after work, there is a problem that you must deal with sober. Have some self-control. Place some boundaries for yourself so that you will not lose control.

Pay attention and be aware of your actions. For self-control is your friend not your enemy. Your body will thank you later for making the decisions best for you today.