Perfect Timing

Everything happens for a reason. Like you coming to my blog page. It just so happens to be the right place and right time just like everything you do. It is so amazing how people come into our lives unexpectedly or things happens for us at the right moment. I find it amazing that when you need something, a blessing appears. That is nothing, but God.

Every moment, is the right moment and time. God’s timing is perfect. So perfect that sometimes we may not understand and then later we have an aha moment. Whether you are going through a tough time, just know that everything is happening for a reason. God puts us in situations just to see if we will remain faithful to him. Our faith is always being tested. A previous post, I wrote about not worrying, in each moment instead of worrying just know you will get past the situation…this too shall pass.

Each part of your day is a piece of the puzzle that creates the finish product. Each moment plays a part, regardless if you choose to see it or not. Whatever the case may be, just know in life you will always come out winning if you have God.