Be Mindful!

Being mindful is “recognizing the spark before the flame”(Buddha). It also means giving every moment its full attention.

Be mindful of the food you eat. Most times we just eat without really noticing what we are tasting. And more than often, we eat more when we are already full. Pay attention. Take the time to eat. Everything does not have to be a rush. Smell the food, chew it slowly, and don’t overeat because it’s there. That is how many people gain weight. Make sure you are reading the labels on the food you’re eating. There is a lot of food that contains a lot of crap and you don’t even notice.

Be mindful of people and their feelings. More than often we speak, without even thinking twice. Sometimes we say things without considering others feelings. Without thinking our words can come off as hurtful and without intentionally meaning to. By being mindful of people, we are more aware of what’s going on and person’s actions.

Be mindful of yourself. We do things without noticing that we are doing it. Pay more attention to yourself. We don’t have to be quick to give a response. Make sure the words we are speaking, doesn’t have to be followed up with a sorry. Understand why you are doing the things you are doing.

Be mindful when walking and pay more attention to your breathing. When you are walking just focus on your next destination. See the world. Practice on your breathing and listen to the breaths you take.

Anytime you are doing something and your phone is in your hand, you are not being mindful because your attention is elsewhere. Be mindful aka pay attention to what you are doing and/or consuming.