Be thankful for your past...

Be thankful for every situation you have been in. If it was not for that moment, you would not be the person you are at this moment.

There are people who are mad about their past. Don’t be!!! It helped you for your future rather you choose to see it or not. If you didn’t know, how else would you have learned. Every situation that can be trying is for the purpose of building up your strength. Besides, God never gives you more than you can handle. Take the lesson and learn from it. There is always good in every situation, you just have to see it from all perspectives. Call it a blessing in disguise.

Don’t hold on to the hurt. The people that have hurt you, has made you who you are today. I thank the people who are not in my life, but the ones who are there today. Everyone plays a part in who I AM. I am much wiser, stronger, and more powerful.

Perspective is everything!