How are you?

Three words that have a powerful impact on peoples’ lives. Asking someone “how are you?”  can make their day. Not too many people are concerned with others have going on in their lives. I guess you can say that people love to make the conversation based on the things they have going on. But really, how are you doing? Do you check up on yourself daily to see how you are feeling? Even if people don’t ask you, you have to make sure you are doing it for yourself. Make sure you are checking up on yourself and getting the proper care that your body and mind needs.

I know that sometimes people are amazed and shocked when I asked “how are they doing today?”. It is surprising how some people who take offense to the simple three words. They wonder “why are you asking me this?” I do not know why there could be a negative connotation that something is wrong with them. However, maybe some people don’t feel worthy to express their feelings because they feel like people do not care. Well, if you did not know, you are more than worthy. You deserved to be asked how are you feeling. There are people who do care, do not be confused by the select few who don’t.

These three words can express a sense of caring. Don’t be so caught up with yourself that you forget to check on someone. Family, friends, strangers, and anyone you happen to have a conversation with could use these three words. How you want others to treat you, you should do the same. Just because people do not ask you these three words regularly does not mean you don’t have to do it for others.

If someone asks how’s your day going, do not take offense, but simply be glad that someone was interested in how you were doing.

I believe there are people waiting and wanting to be asked, how is their day. Peace, love, and light to you.

Make someone’s day and be great!