Stop entertaining nonsense!

You are what you allow. Stop entertaining nonsense!

Do not tolerate people foolishness! You do not have to accept what people say to you. Know who you are or people will tell you. People are so quick to point a finger at you and there’s three pointing right back at them. Understand when people come to you with negativity, it’s not about you it’s about them. They create stories in their head and it probably won’t make any sense to you. Do not take it personally. “Act, don’t react”.  In your mind you tell yourself to think twice before you speak and sometimes you do. But sometimes you slip up because the person keeps “attacking” you with their words. You don’t deserve that. No one does. Guard and protect yourself. Know that God is with you.

If you allow someone to disrespect you, they would do it countless of times until you say enough. Honestly, the person does not have respect for their selves so they treat you in the same matter. Not everyone that comes into your life or walk into your space always deserve your attention. Be careful because when you let certain people in, they are quick to turn on you.

Understand that God is working on them just like every day he is working with you. Honor yourself and make sure you are respecting yourself. How you treat yourself, others will follow suit.