Creating New Habits

Every morning and night I write in my journal. It is a habit I started in September of 2015. I went to Marshall's and bought 2 journals. Before then I had always put my thoughts on my phone, but I felt it would be easier to physically write with a pen and paper. One of my journals is for my thoughts and the other journal is for my affirmations. Writing has been so essential to my life. It is a commitment to myself. It does not matter if I get home late or anything, I always make time to write my thoughts. We all have people we talk to, but more than often we don’t express everything that is going on in our mind. When I am writing, I know I am not being judged and if I do then that means I am judging myself. In addition, writing has allowed me to be aware of myself, understand the things I like/dislike, my actions with others, and really to be free. My affirmations book has allowed me to be confident about ME and my life.

Another habit I have created recently was studying a topic a day.  The semester ended the beginning of the month. One of the reasons I am in school now because I love learning and seeing things from people perspective.  I decided since school was over, to find ways to stimulate my mind. I went to the store bought a composition book and I just google things that I want to learn. You really find some interesting, mind-blowing things.

Create good habits for yourself! Do something that may not make sense today, but will be worth it in your future.

What you do with your time is extremely important. There’s only 24 hours and you sleep for some of that. Use your time wisely by being great!