There are blessings all around us. We tend to forget that God has blessed us with so much like having a phone, being able to come to a home, having funds for our bills, and etc. It is until something of ours get taken away that we realize how unappreciated we were of our blessings.

Look around you right now and appreciate everything you have. Just as quick as you receive your blessing God can take it away. You can start by writing a list about the things you are thankful for. Every now and then at night I write the things I was grateful for that day.

Each morning when you wake up the first thing you should be doing is thanking God for everything you have and for giving you life. The last thing you should be doing before going to sleep is praying that you made it home safely and thankful for the things that God has blessed you with.

We take our breath, us being able to walk, being able to listen, to touch, and feel for granted. Appreciate what you have! It is so vital for your existence. If you do not appreciate your blessings you will become a victim of depression and nothing will ever be enough for you.

Everything that you have is for you. Do not look at other people blessings, that is theirs and you have your own. All that you have at this current moment is all that you need.