Do what's best for YOU!

At times we tend to think about others not thinking about our own needs. It can be selfish, but in order to fully serve others and the world you must be together. And by together I mean physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced.

Not many will understand and that’s okay. If you give too much to others you will have nothing left for yourself. You are worthy of the time you give yourself.

You may want to put yourself on the back burner each time someone asks you to do something, but you will end up hurting yourself. If each time someone ask you to do something when, will you ever have time for yourself. It’s okay to say no. If people don’t get it ask them how would they feel.

No one understands the decisions you make, but you. You are allowed to do whatever feels right for you. Make sure what decisions you make for yourself you are happy to live with those decisions. Learn how to put yourself first unless you have a child of course and do what’s best for you.

Self-reminder you don’t have to explain yourself to no one. Honor yourself and the decisions you make for yourself.