Taking advice from others...

It's okay to ask for advice, but have space for your own thoughts. When people speak, they speak from their experience. Every experience has similarities, but each one is different in according to that person’s life. If you listen to everyone’s advice and not your own, you will lose yourself. When you are making decisions, make sure you have settled with yourself that making any decision is best for you.

Honor your voice. When asking for advice sometimes we already know the answer because we can feel it. I always say you know what to do, so just do that. In this life you make mistakes and there's no way of avoiding that. 

Understand that people can manipulate you, so you need to be careful. Take advice like you would with salt (just a grain of it) ...listening, but doing what you want to do. Make sure you only have a few people you ask. Asking too many people will cause a lot of confusion for yourself because everyone has a different opinion. Different experiences, different opinions, and simply different people. For me, when it comes to asking for advice about my life sometimes asking people is my last resort. I will talk it out to myself or write about it. Sometimes talking it out loud makes sense. Even when people say they really know me, I know what I want for my life, my description of my life will not be the same as theirs. You are the only person who knows what's best for you!

There are people who give bad advice. But there are a lot of people who give great advice. Listen to yourself and do what's best for you because you are living your life and not anyone else. Whatever advice is taken effects your life. We all been there, done that. This is just a friendly reminder about taking advice from others.