Why do we make things difficult?

If you are thinking about someone, why is it hard to let them know? I really do believe that people forget that this life we have is very short. We need to stop holding on to this hurt and practice communication. If you miss someone, why is it hard to express yourself? Vulnerability? Trust?

Why is it hard for people to accept blessings when they are presented? Is it really that hard to say thank you for what God has blessed us with? Or do we pick and choose who we want to receive our blessings from? I thought a blessing was a blessing no matter what shape or form. You have to be thankful that people were even considering you to receive a gift. Too many times I see people being prideful when someone is willing to give them something and they decline when they know they need it. I feel like when you block one blessing you block many more.

Miscommunication is the start of why we make things difficult. We do not know how to express ourselves to people and for some people they were never taught. A lot of time, miscommunication causes a lot of tension between people and it’s all by speaking up. Is taking the initiative really hard?

All the hurt you hold on to will stop you from growing if you choose to see it or not. I see too many people making life difficult than what it has to be! If you feel a way, express it. If someone is willing to give you something you need take it with love. Something as simple as telling someone I was thinking about you.

Life is too short! Move onward and forward.

Let go and let God. Have a great day!