What's meant to be...

Will be. Too many times we will find ourselves caught up in the past or way ahead in the future. We worry about things that we simply have no control over. You should know that what’s meant to be, will be and what is for you, is yours. Attaching ourselves to people, ideas, and many other things just create unnecessary stress. Understand if you do what is good for you and do it with your all, great things will happen.  Your time is YOUR TIME. When your blessings arrive, they will arrive in abundance.

This present moment is the only moment that matters. Mindfulness is key. Focus on what you can do today and leave the rest to the creator.

Faith is something that is needed in your life. You have to believe that if your current situation is bad, a brighter day is coming near you! If you’re feeling stagnant just focus on what makes you happy and get out your comfort zone.

Sometimes we are so busy looking at others’ lives, wishing we had the things they have, when we were already presented with everything needed for us in this present moment.

Remember that we can only control our words and actions. We have control over self not others!

Be patient and know what’s meant to be will simply be.