Treat Yourself, Don't Cheat Yourself

Invest in yourself! If it’s going to get you to the level you need to go, make sure you are spending money on that. Many times we like to be frugal because we are saving for something special or have obligations. During this time of savings, you have to make sure you are spending money on yourself at least. I have this 50/20/30 rule. 50% of my earnings goes to bills, 20% of my earnings I save, and I can spend 30%. Especially if you worked hard for it. You don’t want to be working, working, working and no spending. Honestly in order to receive more, you have to spend. I know you are saving, but it wouldn’t hurt to buy yourself a shirt or get yourself pampered. You deserve it, if you feel like you do not. Everything in life is temporary just make sure you don’t forget to treat yourself. Sometimes we will treat others before we treat ourselves. How you treat yourself, others will too. So if you take care yourself, someone will be willing to do the same.

Whether it may be for school, buying a car, or getting a house, don’t be cheap. First of all, everything that is cheap is not good for you. You have to spend extra to get good quality work or anything. Take yourself on vacation. Just don’t play or downplay yourself. Set a standard by doing things for you. Treating yourself is vital to a happier life.