Removing Toxic People from Your Life

Let them go. Cut ties and don’t look back. Love yourself enough to be able to get rid of anything or anyone that is not going in the same direction as you. Please do not get caught up. Some people only trying to stick around so that you can be going in the same direction as them which is going backwards. Every new level requires a new you. That new you may have to be aware of the people that are around you. Some can come with you and others may have to take a step back. Removing toxic people from your life can be so hard. Trust me, I know. You may miss them, but it’ll be good for you I promise. You don’t need people who want your life or want to tear your life down.

Learn the lessons you need to learn and move forward. Grow up and get rid of the bad weeds so your flower can grow beautifully. By toxic I mean people manipulators, bad energy, envious, and just a lot of negativity.

When it comes to friends, some are meant to last a lifetime or just a season. For family ,they are here forever. You can love others from a distance until they are ready to let their light shine.