Small minded people...

Small minded people…Stay away. Send them peace, love, and light. These types of people will try to bring you down. Small minds continue to stay stagnant and know that you are going somewhere. When people know you are going somewhere, they too will try to trap you. However, you are strong enough to stay away from such people and actions. Still praying for yourself and also them. You, yourself is a great being. God created you here for a purpose and that is for you to follow your passion so that you too can help others. 

Keep your distance from the small-minded people. People will be mad at you for just smiling. So what keep smiling. Keep enjoying life. They will get it one day...hopefully.  Be surrounded with people who uplift your vibrations instead of making them low. Small minded people consists of a lot of energy so you already know the ones in your life that you need to send them on their way. You are working towards being the best version of yourself. Don't allow others to interfere what you and God has planned for you. 

When someone does petty things try your hardest not to retaliate. It's clearly known that they are internally going through something. God always handles are problems. Whether you see it or not is not your concern. 

Remember to let your light shine. Let it shine. Doing harm onto others that do harm onto you is a bad cycle. Not saying to allow someone to disrespect, but definitely respect yourself to leave the toxic relationship alone sending them simply love.