Stop running from your problems!

Stop running from your problems! Life is short and the more you run, the faster they are going to catch up with you. “No matter where you go, there you are” you cannot escape your problems because they will always be there no matter how far you go. It is best to deal with it now, and God will finish the rest.

You can move to another country, a different coast, change your number, and all of that and nothing will change. Your problems will probably catch up with you faster. Do not try to distance yourself from others without solving any problems. That is a temporary quick fix. Try to find understanding within your relationships and the problems that occur in your life. Most things or people you have issues with is because of something within you.

Fix the problems you have now, so that you can heal and receive more blessings in abundance. Invite God into your situation. There is nothing he can not handle. Pray on your situation. If you keep ignoring the issues you will see with your other relationships, the same problems will arise. It’ll become a cycle, but with different people.

Stop running. It’s about time you let God in and help you.