We ALL need a PUSH!

We all need a push every now and then. When we are afraid to do the things we want to do, we need someone to give us that push. It is the strength that can get us through our trials. Sometimes you are so close to the finish line and all you need is that extra support. It’s there, just ask for it. Talk to people. Let them know what’s going on and your goals.

I want to note to be careful whom you talk with. There should be select people that should be included in the things that you are doing. It can be family members, friends, colleagues, or different people that you have associations with! Pick and choose those who will help you reach your goal.

Make sure you are honoring yourself when someone is pushing you. Sometimes they can push you further than what you can offer and you may not be ready. That is why it is so vital to know yourself and where you want to go. People can definitely attempt to control your life IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO.

Get people to push you in the direction that you desire to go. Create a support system. Keep strong. Stay motivated.