STAY CALM in the midst of cHaoS!

Always stay calm in the midst chaos. During a lot of chaos what do you do? Stress? Panic? Anxiety? If you do not know, check your behavior when something does occur! 

If you know me, when things happen I tend to be a very calm person. Reason: what's meant to happen, will already happen. Me stressing and all, would not help the situation. Another reason: I feel like God is always testing me, so I just respond in the way I know he would proud of me. Besides, majority of the time when we stress and things of such, God has already worked it out. When you look back, you realized time and energy has been wasted into a situation that was already preordained for your life. 

God does not want you to suffer or stress. Honestly, some of the situations we have been put in, is so that we can make our story here on Earth more interesting and relatable. The power of your testimony can change someone’s life!! During the midst of chaos, remain calm. Everything will work out in your favor. You just have to believe. Believe that you are on the right track and that God has a plan for you! 

The moment you begin to feel flustered or stress take a moment to breathe and see the situation for what it is. If there are others around you who are stressing, try to reassure them that everything will be okay. How you respond, others will too. Every action does not have to be a reaction. Try it. Sometimes I have people look at me weird like why am I not stressing. I do not need to stress when I have God and you simply don't either.