Some people just don't understand...

Some people may not understand you, but that is okay. Not everyone is going to. There are people who understand what I am doing and there are others who feel the opposite. I am simply okay with both. I feel that when you’re headed in the right direction, not everyone understands your actions. The only person who has the vision, is you. No one else can see it, but you. People begin to question everything you are doing, allow them to keep doing it. Do not take it personally because they simply do not understand what you’re doing and really do they need to? When you make it to the level you want to go, they are going to be the same ones asking you how you did it? What’s crazy is that you already told them how, they just didn’t listen or understand.

You can tell people what’re you doing, but if they keep saying they don’t understand or seem confused, just stop talking and show them.

Don’t keep wasting your time, they may not understand today, but they will. The chosen ones, I call us, not everyone understands us.

Keep grinding. Keep shining.