Learning to say "NO"

Learn how to say no. Learning how to say “no” is honoring your voice. And your voice is powerful. You don’t always have to say yes every time someone asks you to do something. If your heart is not in it, do not do it.

It is really simple. Don’t make it harder than what it has to be.

Ask someone, can you practice learning how to say no. It may seem weird, but it will definitely benefit you in the long run. If you always continue to say yes, people will try to abuse you in a sense they will take you for granted because you always say yes.

Honor your no. Honor your power. Honor yourself. Very vital. Saying no to things that go against your true self. KNOW YOURSELF to say no when things do not feel or seem right.

Please do not feel guilty for saying no. It is not the end of the world for the other person or you. If someone gets mad because YOU said no, simply their problem not yours. Oh, and another thing YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF TO ANYONE! EVER. “NO” is just enough and all that you need to say.

Have a great weekend!