Graduate School Begins!

Graduate school begins. This is my last semester. Grad school can be stressful because of all the reading, managing your time, and simply trying to balance life. All the saying no’s to your friends and family because you have a lot of reading to do. All the misunderstandings can be a lot, but the result is very rewarding. A struggle yet a blessing in disguise.

For me in the beginning, the hardest part about grad school can be managing time. Being full-time is a lot, even being part time is a lot plus a job. Either way it can be a lot, but it is very doable. Just know you will preserve, and will grow very strong.

Last semester, I was stressing about school because all of the reading I had to do, group projects, individual projects, postings, and etc. I was like how am I supposed to get everything done. A wise woman told me that first there is no need to complain because there are people with more to do and is doing it. Secondly, would I appreciate school if it was easy? The answer is no. I would take it for granted and the reward wouldn’t be as worthy. She told me to find joy in school. To approach school in a different light. Instead of saying how am I going to get all this done, or the reading is boring, ask what can I learn from this experience. Everything we are doing is because God is preparing us for something. That something is going to require the knowledge we have received from the classes we have taken. Especially the classes that gave us the most problems.

Change your perspective. Stay prayed up! Just know everything is going to be alright. This too shall pass and we will pass =)