MOVE out your OWN way!

Move out your own way!

The only thing that's in the way between you and your dreams is YOU. Let go of fear and stop Edging God Out (EGO). Move out the way, for your own sake!! Seriously, what is stopping you?

The fear of failure will have you stagnant and not taking advantage of opportunities. Don't blame anyone, no external forces, or anything, but you. You hold the power remember that. The power is within you. Take the leap of faith and know that God is always with you.

Why are you not taking the next step into making the best decision of your life?

There have been moments when I was scared to step out of my way. Fortunately, I had people to tell me to step out my own way. When you know you are in the right direction, the most simple, but hardest thing you have to do is just do it. So funny while writing and thinking about it, I realize the things we desire is achievable, we just make the journey seem more difficult.

I know it’s easier said than done. But what I'm saying is done is better than incomplete. So yeah move out your way. Stay positive and know that you hold all the power that you need and receive from God.

You'll be happier when you step out your own way. Have a great week!