Life is a journey.

Life is nothing, but a journey. A fun journey depending on your perception. I always tell people you can choose to see the good or bad. It’s your vision. You can see bad and bad will continue to be invited into your life or you can see good and have nothing, but blissful moments.

There will always be times you will be tested. Its only to see if you are growing or how you will respond to a situation. If you truly know in your heart that God has your back, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, you may not know today, but you will find understanding.

In most situations I’m in, I try to look at my life as a movie. So when something does happen out of the ordinary I am usually calm or laughing. What’s supposed to happen will, so why not find some laughter within your situation.

Enjoy each moment of your life. It’s so beautiful. The good, bad, and ugly is all beautiful. It makes us stronger, wiser, and changes our perception.

Learn through each moment of your life. Enjoy the ride. Life is literally like a rollercoaster scary, but so fun. Every time the ride drops you may hold your stomach or hold onto a friend, but when it goes back up again your smiling. Approach life in a different light. I know it can be hard, but really visualize life as beautiful and watch what God will do for you and your situation.