The FEAR of failure.

The fear of failure will have you stagnant and not taking advantage of your opportunities. Let’s just say this, you are going to fail, HOWEVER, you will grow and get back up stronger. It is a part of life. We are not perfect and the fear of the unknown is just how life is set up. The way life is setup for you is to build you into a strong being and to be able to teach others. What’s life without a story/testimony. Only how you can be relatable if you fail and fail, and then succeed. If all you knew was someone success story and not how they got there you wouldn’t be able to relate. Everyone with money or without, education or no education, with more resources or less will fail. It’s bound to happen just know. Accept each failure as a lesson and move forward. As you get back up, don’t forget to tell someone how you got to win. Not telling someone is being selfish, because you can save someone time and maybe the same decisions you made.

Many people think failure is something really negative, but that’s their perception. My perception of failure is positive. I look at failure as an opportunity to learn. It helps me find what works for me and what does not. It’s a part of life and something that shouldn’t be taken personally. It happens.

Take risks and chances. You never know until you just do it. Take chances, so you won’t ever have to think what if and have regrets. I keep saying this, but you never know what comes out of taking a chance.