Don't allow anyone to downplay your life!!!

Don’t allow anyone to downplay your life.

Don’t allow anyone to downplay your life.

Don’t allow anyone to downplay your life.

I say this three times because people fall victim to others downplaying their life. Just because you are now visiting a place someone has visited numerous of times, do not allow it to affect your thoughts on the place. I am tired people thinking they are living these lavish lives and downplaying someone’s life. It’s not cool. I am tired of the perpetrator and the victim. Your life is the way it needs to be! You should be able to do things without someone trying to downplay what you’re doing.

Live your life to the fullest. I don’t care what the next person has! Your life is good for you. Don’t keep looking at what others have done or doing. One day you are going to see, they may be doing a lot now, but watch how life switches. Be patient with your life. 

Don’t allow anyone to downplay your life. It is so vital. I see it happening too often. People downplay people’s jobs. Don’t hate on no one hustle. You don’t know person’s circumstances or why they are doing the things they are doing. Please don’t be quick to judge.


You cannot help what God has blessed you with! Don’t ever feel bad for your blessings. They are yours and God gave them to you for a reason. Just because you have received your blessings does not give you the right to downplay some else blessings.  

Don’t let anyone play you!