Giving people your advice...

When it comes to giving people your advice, be really careful. Not many people want your advice or even is open to your opinion. You could give someone the greatest advice and they will be hesitant to take it. They may become defensive and argumentative because they feel like they are being attacked. That person thinks that perhaps the job they are doing is not good enough. Somewhere along the long lines they know they need to do better, but haven’t got to that point.

Be sure to remember when they come back asking for your advice to not be nasty and negative, like “I knew you would come back”. It’s extra, and what’s known don’t always have to be said.

People will come back asking for your advice, it is prone to happen, especially when you give good advice. Just be open as you would have wanted them to be when you originally gave them the advice.

Don’t take it personal when giving people advice. There was a time we weren’t receptive to taking someone advice either. You know the feeling, just be mindful when giving others advice.

Try not to give advice on: people relationships, jobs, or any big decisions. You could suggest your ideas but, allow people to figure out for themselves what’s best for them.