Being BOLD and Aggressive.

If you want anything in life you must be bold and aggressive. You can’t just sit there and watch things happen. Life does not work that way. You must take control. You can lead your life or let life lead you. There must be a balance.

Being passive may get you a few places, but it won’t allow you to grow or test new skills and opportunities.

Being bold requires you getting out of your comfort zone. It’s very uncomfortable. However, it is very self-rewarding when you take the chance. There are many times I want to sit back and watch things unfold, but I don’t. I take a huge leap of faith and ask God to be with me as I am making decisions.

Taking risks and chances is a way you can be bold and aggressive. It is something you don’t really want to because of fear, but you know you are going to come out winning…as always.

Whether that maybe calling the job office you want, or promoting yourself to random people, get out there and be bold and aggressive. You never know what presents itself. Be open and allow positivity to attract you.