It's okay to ask for help!

We as people can be stubborn and prideful. It's okay to ask for help. The worst thing a person can say is no, but is a simple no really the worst thing in the world? If one person says no, you move along to the next person. You are worthy and just because one declines does not mean someone else will not accept.

Sometimes I don't like to ask for help, but I am growing on it daily. It's definitely not a comfort zone. When I do ask for help I am appreciative of the love and support I receive. Most times I receive more than I ask. Learning in life that if you don't speak up, you will miss out on so many blessings.

Rather you may be starting a business, need donations to help someone, or any type of help don't be afraid to ask someone. Don't be afraid. No one is stopping you, but you! You will be glad that you did ask someone! You never know who know who and what doors could possibly open. God blesses those who bless others.

If you need help just ask! Ask and you shall receive.